A husband and wife team, Dr. Cathy Deschênes and Dr. Michael Poitras are dedicated to offering specialized services to and for our patients. They are the proud parents of three children: Leanne, Vincent and Yasmine, and a dog, Baileys.

Married in Québec City, they now have three children: Léanne, who is thirteen years old, Vincent, who is eight years old, and Yasmine, who is six. The family also has a lassie dog or collie called Baileys. Drs. Deschênes and Poitras moved to the Ottawa region for many reasons. They liked the fact that it’s mid-way between Québec City and Sudbury and that it’s also a bilingual area. But there’s more to it than that: As a teenager, Michael spent many summers in the Ottawa area and fell in love with it. He later made several trips here with Cathy, who in turn fell for the capital city.